Innotek UltraSmart Contain and Train Dog Fence Specs:

  • For Dogs 12 to 220 pounds
  • Waterproof Rechargeable Collar - Recharging Unit Included - See a 3D Tour!
  • 15 Automatically Adjusting Levels
  • Remote Trainer Range -- 150 Yards
  • Compatible with ZONES Indoor Transmitter
  • Pure Digital Signal: Eliminates interference from stray signals. Computer aided electronics
    allows for smooth and consistent operation. Our micro processor works twice as hard as others
    and takes less signal to activate correctly. The NEW Sensitive approach to pet containment
    systems mean's a more accurate correction point.
  • Most Humane System: Innotek’s computer aided electronics continues to offer the most
    advanced and most humane systems available. All Innotek systems monitor your dogs position
    and speed from the buried wire.
  • Progressive Correction: (Run Thru Prevention) All Innotek systems offer progressive
    correction, and ONLY Innotek systems, because it is a US Patent. If it isn’t Innotek its not Run
    Thru Prevention. If it isn’t Run Thru Prevention it is not the best system available in the US.
  • Receiver Built into the Collar. All other collars have a box which hangs off on the collar.
  • Contoured Collar Receiver: To match the curved contour of your dogs neck. The result is the
    most comfortably fitting collars available.
  • The Small and Lightweight Collar: The Ultra collar is over 30% smaller than any other collar
    and weighs less than 2 ounces.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery: Lithium Ion batteries Last Longer and Charge Faster than
    any other batteries. Batteries fully charges in just 2 hours.
  • Ready Test Self-Diagnostics: Performs a collar Self-Diagnostic assuring you of proper collar
    operation. With this system you know the collar is operating correctly, with all others you have to
  • Self-Diagnostic for Proper Collar Fit: Eight out of ten times your dog walks out of the safety of
    the containment area it is because the collar did not fit correctly. With this system you know the
    collar is properly fit, with all others you have to guess.
  • Auto–Safety Shut Off: Prevents unnecessary exposure to a corrective stimulation. After shut off
    the unit will reactivate automatically. Battery Status:. The collar tells you if you have a good
    charge, a weak charge or needs to be charged.
  • Compatible with the Innotek Zones Indoor System: Restrict your dog from areas of your
    home, or furniture, rooms, or doors, simple add a ZND-1000 Zone transmitter to your order. Zone
    Discs are a great way to contain your dog in certain areas in the home or prevent him from going
    where he shouldn't.
  • Built-in 24/7 battery backup in the event of power failure.
  • Waterproof – Collar will stand up to rough punishment, even submerged in water.
  • Patented Run-Through Prevention, only offered by Innotek, offers reliable and secure pet
    containment. Others may say it but only Innotek has Run-Through Prevention.
  • Hand-Held Remote: Full function handheld remote trainer included – 150 yard range. 7 levels of
    correction plus tone only training option.

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